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Lovense Remote

  • 1、How do I download Lovense Remote?

    Lovense Remote is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Please click here here to download the version you need. You can also download Lovense Remote from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

  • 2、¿Qué dispositivos trabajan con esta aplicación?

    Lovense Remote es compatible con:

       • iOS 10.0 y posterior

       • Android 4.3 y superior (con Bluetooth 4.0 activado)

       • Mac (con Bluetooth 4.0 activado)

       • PC Windows (necesita el Adaptador Bluetooth USB Lovense)

  • 3、¿Qué juguetes trabajan con esta aplicación?

    Todos nuestros juguetes funcionan con la aplicación Remote.

  • 4、How do I connect my toy to my phone?

    1. Press and hold the toy's button to turn it on. A light will begin flashing to indicate it is turned on.

    2. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. Open Lovense Remote and tap the connection icon in the upper right corner.

    3. Tap [+] to begin searching for the toy. After your toy is found, tap “Done”. The toy’s light will stay on to indicate it is connected. Your toy can now be controlled by the Lovense Remote app.

  • 5、Me han preguntado por mi código de pareo para conectarme via bluetooth. ¿Qué es un código de pareo?

    Usted no necesita conectar su juguete mediante la configuración del sistema. Lo puede realizar usando nuestra aplicación.

  • 6、How many toys can I connect at a time?

    You can connect up to two toys to one device at a time.

  • 7、Can I connect a toy to two different devices at the same time?

    No, each toy can only be connected to one device at a time.

  • 8、Why does the app need to access my phone's storage, camera, microphone, etc.?

    These permissions are required to enable the app’s features. You can choose to not allow permission from your phone’s on-screen prompt or change it in your phone's settings. Some features will not be available without certain permissions enabled.

  • 9、Do my partner and I both need an account?

    Yes, both of you need to create a separate account and then add each other as friends in order to use long-distance control.

  • 10、How far away does it work?

    Lovense toys can be controlled no matter the distance, as long as you both have Wi-Fi or a 4G/5G data connection. Read how to set it up here.

  • 11、Does it work if my partner doesn’t have a toy?

    Yes. Your partner does not need a toy to control your toy through the Lovense Remote app. You both just need an account and Wi-Fi or a 4G/5G data connection.

  • 12、How can I find friends?

    Check out our forum or other online communities on Discord or Reddit to find friends.

  • 13、Can my friends see each other?

    No, only you have access to your friend list and they cannot see each other.

  • 14、¿Cómo puede borrar un contacto?

    En iOS - deslice su dedo hacia la izquierda una vez que haya presionado sobre el contacto y podrá ver una opción de "Eliminar";

    En Android - presione sobre el contacto y mantenga, podrá ver una opción "Remover persona de la lista de amigos".

  • 15、How can I block a user?

    For a new friend request – tap "Decline" after receiving the request. You will receive a notification asking "Do you also want to block this person?" Choose "Yes". For an existing contact – go to the "Settings" tab in your chat window and enable the "Block this contact" option.

  • 16、How can I unblock a user?

    From the Long Distance tab, tap the icon in the top left corner and choose “Blocked”. Tap the user you wish to unblock and disable the “Block this contact” toggle switch.

  • 17、How do I delete my account?

    You can delete your account by logging in to our website. Click on “My Account” at the top right corner of the screen. On the next page, you will see an option called “Delete Account” under the My Profile section.

  • 18、How do I sync music with the Lovense Remote app?

    Lovense Remote can sync with Spotify premium accounts and DRM-free music stored on your device. For Spotify, go to Settings > Linked Accounts > Spotify and follow the instructions. For other music, check out the guide here.

  • 19、What does “Sticky to top” mean?

    After enabling this option, your chat with that user will show at the top of the Long Distance tab.

  • 20、How do I program my toy?

    1. Connect your toy and tap “Edit”. This feature is not supported in Nora, Max, Max 2, Domi, and Osci.

    2. Tap “Program” and you can adjust the maximum vibration for your toy and/or add custom patterns into the toy, then tap “Save”.

  • 21、Can I change the toy's name in my phone's settings?

    Currently, the toy’s name cannot be changed in your Bluetooth settings. You can change your toy’s name in the app. After connecting the toy, tap “Edit” underneath the toy’s name.

  • 22、¿Puedo cambiar el correo electrónico vinculado con mi cuenta si existe una falta ortográfica, o si solamente quiero cambiarlo?

    Debido a razones de seguridad, no tenemos la posibilidad de cambiar la dirección de correo electrónico vinculada con su cuenta dentro de nuestro sistema. Si desea cambiar la dirección de correo electrónico, deberá crear una cuenta nueva.

  • 23、What does “Firm Update” mean?

    Firmware updates can help improve the Bluetooth connectivity of the toy. To update your toy’s firmware, tap the “Firm Update” icon and follow the in-app instructions. If you don’t see this icon, don’t worry, it means your toy is up to date.

  • 24、¿Puedo conectarme con mi smartphone mientras mi pareja usa una computadora para conectarse?

    Lovense Remote se encuentra disponible para iOS, Android, PC y Mac. Usted y su pareja pueden usar cualquiera de estos dispositivos para conectar sus products.

  • 25、¿Puedo vincular mi cuenta de Spotify con la app Lovense Remote?

    Únicamente usuarios miembros de Spotify Premium pueden vincular su cuenta con nuestra app.

  • 26、¿Mi pareja puede controlar mis juguetes si está ubicado en otro estado/país? ¿Funcionaría si no tuvieran juguetes?

    Su pareja puede controlar su(s) juguete(s) a cualquier distancia siempre que ambos tengan una conexión a Internet estable y la aplicación Lovense Remote descargada.

    Ambos deben conectarse a través de la aplicación y, una vez que lo haga, su compañero verá diferentes opciones de control para sus juguetes. No necesitan tener un juguete para usar las opciones de control de larga distancia.

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