10 Tail Plugs – Guide to Furry and Fabulous Anal Accessories

Three tail butt plugs, rabbit tails


Tail plugs – they’re butt plugs but far more fashionable and fabulous!


If you're curious or passionate about this fuzzy accessory, you've come to the right place.


Today, we will look important tips for when you go shopping, how to get a longer lifespan out of your toy with proper cleaning and care, as well as examples of good and bad products. 


NOTE: If you want to skip the tail guide and jump straight to the reviews, click here.





Quite simply, they are butt plugs with material attached to the end to make it look like an animal – think of Halloween cat costumes, except the tail isn’t attached to your pants.


They’re mainly used for pet play in BDSM or for regular (but adorable) anal play.





Fox tail plugFOXTAILS – Long, bushy, and with a pointed end


RACCOON TAILS – Between a fox and a cat design but with grey, brown, black, and white


CATTAILS – Long, thin, and sleek


DOG TAILS –  Either the same style as cattails but bigger or a short rubber/silicone curves (closer to a puppy)


PIGTAILS – Similar design to the silicone dog tails, but curly like a corkscrew


HORSE TAILS – Uses long strands of “hair” instead of fur, sometimes made with silicone or rubber strands


RABBIT TAILS – Fur poofs, exactly what you would imagine


As for colors, imagine it and you can probably find it – from natural-looking or rainbow flag to pastel unicorn. You might find the occasional one made from metal.


NOTE: Most “fur” materials will be synthetic. However, read product descriptions if you’re concerned about animal products.





Even though tail aesthetics are important, a proper butt plug is paramount to safe and enjoyable anal play.



First, make sure the base is flared.


Aside from obvious functions, the anal cavity differs from a vagina because there is no barrier to prevent things from sliding in all the way and getting lost (aka. the cervix).


Anal plugs, flared and non-flared basesHaving a flared base (where the edges are much wider than the toy) will make sure you don’t have to take a trip to the hospital. If you look at the image to the right, you'll see the difference. 


I know what you’re thinking…


“But there’s a long tail on the end.”


True. But a poorly made tail could break apart and, if the butt plug section isn’t wide enough, it could slide inside your partner.


Better to err on the side of caution.


NOTE: While a wide flare is best, as long as the neck is much smaller compared to the base, you'll be fine.



Second, make sure the plug material is safe.


Silicone butt plug in pinkYour main choices will be:


  • Stainless steel
  • Medical grade silicone
  • ABS plastic
  • Glass
  • TPE or TPR Rubber


Stainless steel and silicone are the best for cleaning (they are non-porous), but they tend to be a bit more expensive. Made sure the silicone isn’t “blended” with something else.


ABS plastic is cheap and non-porous, but watch out for poor craftsmanship.


Glass can be safe if it’s made from the proper glass and crafted/blown by someone who knows what they’re doing. A well-made glass toy will be very strong (just don’t drop it). However, a poorly made one will have dangerous stress points. The good ones are also quite expensive.


Rubber is more affordable but VERY porous – therefore impossible to clean or sterilize the plug.


NOTE: Inspect the plug carefully to make sure there are no dents, scratches, or rough seams that could damage your bum.



Interested in long-distance, vibrating butt plugs? Check this out:

HUSH by Lovense - The World's First Teledildonic Butt Plug





Online is your best bet. Just avoid Esty, Amazon, and eBay. Buy from more reputable sellers and/or places you can find real customer reviews.


Also, if you are more of a DIY type individual, you can purchase a plug with a ring on the base and attach your own!





Tails are trickier than normal plugs because you’re not just dealing with the plug. You have to worry about the fur or hair as well. And, even though you’re not inserting any fur section, there is always a chance trace amounts of fecal matter could go beyond the butt plug.


Because of this, you should never share your tails. If you end up going to any kink parties, your toys are YOURS and no one else’s.



General cleaning tips:


  • Clean the plug carefully with mild soap and warm water. Sex toy cleaner is fine if you’re in a pinch.




  • Let air dry completely


  • Store Properly


  • Once in a while, sterilize the plug with either boiling water, rubbing alcohol, or a 10% bleach solution (make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions first).


  • Clean before and after each use



Want a detailed guide to sex toy care? Read this:

Buzzy and Clean - 30+ Essential Tips on How to Clean Your Sex Toys



As for the tail section…


Durable material like silicone can be washed same as the plug. However, any fur or hair options will need to be handled with more care.


It also depends on how pristine you want to keep your toy and what material it’s made from.



Synthetic materials:


  • If there are any “bits”, pick them off
  • Spot clean any areas by hand
  • Take a damp, soft paper towel or cloth and wipe down the tail (with the grain)
  • Use another clean paper towel or cloth and give it a second wipe down
  • Let air dry – in direct sunlight is best
  • Only brush a tail after it’s 100% dry


If the tail is particularly dirty, you can submerge it in water and wash with mild soap – be gentle. Squeeze out the excess water and let dry on a towel (never hang your tail to dry).



Natural materials:


If you’re going to buy real fur, the manufacturer should provide detailed cleaning instructions.


  • Fox fur is the most delicate and should never be submerged in water
  • Bunny tails can be washed but very gently with mild shampoo
  • Ponytails can be submerged in water but must still be handled with care (most durable natural option)








Pink and purple striped Cheshire cat tail plug with ears If you feel like going with something more whimsical, this will do the trick.


The plug is good – tapered head, small neck, and flared base. The tail also comes with an attached or detachable option, so you can buy other tails and interchange them.


It also makes for easy cleaning.


Looking closer at the metal attachments, this tail is also fantastic if you want to get a bit “rougher” and do some tugging. You also have the choice of what size plug you get.


And the matching ears! Don’t forget the ears! 


(product link)





Simple, but still cute.


The 8-inch tail will give a bit of wag as you’re playing. And, since it’s also 100% silicone, you will have no worries about cleaning it.


Silicone black dog tail plugThe other great thing is the plug – good design with an excellent base.


The one downside? There’s only one plug size.


Still, I would definitely recommend. 


(product link)





Curly pink pig butt plugI wanted to like this one. It’s pink, cute, and curly.


… And made from TPE.


Add that porous material with a poorly designed plug (the neck isn’t thin enough compared to the base) and you have something I would recommend you stay away from.


I WILL say that it’s not nearly as bad as the one that looks like a pink cherry you stuck up your bum. So dangerous. 


(product link)





White and brown fox tail plugThe Spank Academy is the place to find real fur tails in a wide variety of colors. They also let you choose which plug style AND size you want.


One thing to keep in mind is that, since it’s real fur, the tail you order will not look 100% like the one in the picture.


For the animal conscious people out there, the Academy’s argument against synthetics is that synthetic material does more damage to the environment, natural materials biodegrade, and many of the synthetics are made in third world countries under terrible conditions etc.


Whether you agree with this or not is up to you.


(product link)





Black pony butt plugThe toy had so much going for it. The base was a great shape and I could even get over the rubber tail strands (since you’re not going to insert that part).


However, after reading the description, the material is a suspect “black soft gel.”


Screen shot of Amazon seller's page about tail plug material, black soft gel 


Since they’re upfront about the rubber part, I can only assume the base is Jelly. And for those of you who don’t know, jelly toys are full of toxic chemicals that can lead to some serious damage. 





Cheap white fox tail attached to butt plugYou’ll notice that most of the plugs are simple, solid options. The White Fox Tail, however, comes with a vibrator.


I can’t tell from the product images how the tail, plug, and vibe attach to each other (I’m assuming the tail to the vibe and the vibe in the plug). Also, considering the size of the insert, I wouldn’t count on a strong vibe motor.


My only other qualm is the tail. While it’s super fuzzy, I would have liked to see a few more strands attached to make it fuller, maybe even more anime – but that’s just me.


Since it’s silicone and cheap, it’s totally worth trying.


(product link)





Fuck like bunnies brand tail plug, stainless steel and white furOne with a clever name, finally. It’s also much better than the other SubShop feature we looked at (the pony one).


Not much to say here other than the plug is fine (maybe better for beginners who need more of size graduation) and the white poof is very bunny-like.


SIDE NOTE: It seems the SubShopDotCom runs some very heavy discounts on a time limit. I haven’t monitored the site long enough to know if the sales just recycle themselves (and the sale price is always that price) or the really are good sales. 





Pastel color unicorn tail plugThis list would not be complete without something from Crystal Delights. If you want a safe, glass butt plug, these are the people you can go to! And, even though they focus mostly on just anal plugs, they do have a few tail options.


One of my favorites is the Rainbow Unicorn.


It’s as frilly and extra as you can get – including magical, swirly plug.


The great part about these toys is that the tail section is detachable, so you can buy separate tails and interchange them. Luv it!


You also have your choice of small, medium, or large (so you can choose a plug that will be comfortable).


With a price tag of over $100, it’s more suited for a more serious player. 


(product link)





Extra long mink tail plug

Want to go a bit more pussycat? 


You can wear this faux fur 30-INCH tail (that’s a lot of inches compared to other toys) and swish your cute backside around the apartment.


Good plug, nice tail, and from Adam & Eve (they have a pretty good return policy).


Go for it! 


(product link)






Kitten Cream brand tail plug, brown fur with matching ears Kitten Cream sets line is all about hand-crafted quality ear and tail sets.


Headbands are bespoke and “shaped from the finest Italian Mazzucchelli acetate.” Some of the furs look quite real but are faux.


Leather accents are made from American Bison (they work directly with this organization).


The feature, however, is the plug.


While they have stainless steel as a standard, the best options are medical-grade implant titanium – and all colors come from heating, not dyes or other chemicals.


If the $300+ price tag is a bit too much, wait for one of their great sales. 


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Have you found any great tail plugs? What your favorite style? Share in the comments!


Also, if you’re interested in anal toys without the tails, you should check out these articles :



Have a sexy day!



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